Saturday, April 11, 2015

New Model 2015 VW Transporter Release Date, Price and Review

New 2015 VW Transporter review and model. Get more information about 2015 VW Transporter with price, specs and release date for US, UK, Canada and Australia. Volkswagen which is also known as VW will develop and release a new car with great specification called 2015 VW Transporter. This car is quite similar with VW Vivaro, but Transporter has more adequate engine specification and smaller body than Vivaro.

This car is suitable for people who want to have new van. Even this car square body, there is large cargo in back of the car. This large cargo is good for people who want to have some picnic or vacation in some places. But, this car only available in two seats and the middle of body is empty without any seats or other parts.

The interior of 2015 VW Transporter is quite good for people who want to have safe their stuff inside the car. The cargo in this car is very spacious. Even bike can be placed inside the car. In the cockpit, there is LCD screen to adjust navigation option.

There is rear view camera in this car and automatically open when this car move backward. The bumper of this car flat and the entire bumper are made from steel covered with rubber. This car is using 17 alloy wheel bases and the material for the wheel is from Aluminum.

2015 VW Transporter is using both of electric and gasoline as the engine. This car is also available in electric car. With the gasoline engine of this car is available in 1.2 L engine with three cylinders. This car can reach the top speed until in 100 mph. This car is already using 5 speed automatic transmissions.

2015 VW Transporter Release Date, Price and Review

2015 VW Transporter Front View Model
2015 VW Transporter Front View Model

The second engine is electric car. This engine can be charged up to 5 hours before the driver can drive this car. In 5 hours charging, people can ride this car in 102 km. Well, actually this car is suitable for urban city people who live in the middle of city.

This car will be released in Germany Motor Show in early January 2015, but there is no further information about the exact date. For the price, this car will cost $ 18.950 and this car becomes the lowest price of the entire transporter design.

New Transporter is available in three different options such as White, dark blue, and black. For its first release, 2015 VW Transporter will be use white as the main color.

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